Cannabis to the Rescue: Ease the Pain with These Strains

Out of all the reasons we’re grateful for the cannabis plant, we love its ability to bring all-natural, long-lasting, and sustainable pain relief. We humans have turned to cannabis for pain for literally thousands of years. Ancient Chinese medical texts prescribed it for aches, stomach troubles, and many of the same reasons we still rely on it today. But with so many strains on the market, finding the best cannabis for the job can be confusing! We’ll share a little background about how and why cannabis is so good for pain, and then we’ll share some of the best strains for pain, so you can get right to the all-natural herbal relief you need!

Cannabis For Pain: How Does It Work?

Some people used to think that cannabis fought pain by distracting us, but research shows the truth is a lot more complicated. The euphoric high isn’t the only trick cannabis has up its sleeve, but it’s a good place to begin.

As you probably already know, THC is the cannabinoid—one of the main kinds of “active ingredients” in marijuana—that makes us feel “high.” And as it turns out, that euphoric feeling does tend to turn down the sensation of pain.

But THC does much more for us. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, meaning that it tends to reduce the self-protective swelling which is one of our body’s chief responses to pain. Less swelling generally means less pain.

Then there’s CBD. This cannabinoid has received an awful lot of attention in the last few years. It doesn’t make you feel high. In fact, it tends to diminish the euphoric effects of THC just a bit. But it has a potent effect on pain, anxiety, and a whole list of other symptoms. Like THC, CBD is an anti-inflammatory. It also dampens the pain signals being sent to your brain from the site of an injury.

So, let’s get deeper into the best strains for pain. Because both THC and CBD fight pain, most researchers feel that you should choose strains that have a bit of both cannabinoids in them. A 1:1 ratio is a great place to start, but as long as there’s at least 1 part CBD to 5 parts THC, you’ll still be getting optimal pain-fighting benefits. And for those of us who don’t love the psychoactivity of THC, there are plenty of high-CBD strains with nearly no THC, too.

And with that, let’s unveil…the best strains for pain!

Best Strains for Pain

Sour Diesel

best strains for pain 1

A true cannabis legend, Sour D delivers a fast-acting, energizing sativa-like high. Along with its anti-inflammatory powers, the dreamy cerebral effects help you chase away pain, stress, and depression.

White Widow

best strains for pain 3

Though it’s not a high-CBD strain, White Widow was bred with an optimal amount as a buffer to mitigate some of the effects of THC. Its fans love it for treating pain both in the daytime when some clarity is needed, and equally well at bedtime, too.


best strains for pain 2

A sativa-dominant CBD powerhouse, ACDC produces almost no intoxicating effects. It helps many of us treat pain and many other chronic conditions, all while maintaining a clear head.


best strains for pain 4

One of the most popular high-CBD strains in North America, Harlequin imparts clear-headed and uplifting effects. It’s loved for its ability to treat everything from chronic pain and depression to gastrointestinal issues, inflammation, PMS, and cramps.

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