Sex and Cannabis: Perfect Strains for a Romantic Date Night

If you haven’t paired cannabis and sex yet, you’re in for a treat! By deepening focus, sensitivity, and pleasure, cannabis is the perfect enhancer for your next romantic date night.

But of course, not everyone reacts to cannabis in the same ways. Where should you begin? Start right here, with our quick guide to the best strains for sex!

best strains for sex

Best Strains for Sex: The Science of Cannabis and Pleasure

As anyone who’s ever sampled cannabis knows, it has an unforgettable way of heightening even simple pleasures (yes, the munchies are most definitely real!). And that certainly applies to sex as well! Study after study demonstrates the positive effects of cannabis use on sex, both for women and for men.

That said, there are limitations to what the current research tells us. For one thing, the processes of arousal and pleasure are pretty complicated, making if difficult to deliver definitive assessments of how cannabis impacts our bodies and minds during sex. And of course, the continuing federal prohibition compounds that difficulty by making it even harder to design and carry out studies involving Schedule I substances such as cannabis.

This means that many studies use a survey model, in which respondents self-report on their experiences with cannabis and sex. Naturally, there are drawbacks to this approach, but for the time being, it’s what we’ve got to work with. And recently, survey-based studies have uncovered some intriguing insights.

In a widely publicized study from 2019, 373 women were asked about their experiences with sex and cannabis. While there were numerous findings, the most important were:

  • About a third (34%) of women reported using cannabis before sex.
  • Those who did had over 2 times better odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms.
  • And those who reported frequent cannabis use—once a week up to several times a day—were even more likely to report satisfactory orgasms.
  • Overall, women who used cannabis reported greater satisfaction in terms of sex drive, lubrication, and overall sexual experience.

best strains for sex

Best Strains for Sex: Specific Recommendations for a Romantic Encounter

As you’re no doubt well aware, there are countless cannabis strains, not to mention several methods of administration, such as smoking flower, using drops of tincture, or consuming edibles. Which one is best for sex?

In general, smoking flower or using a vape are the fastest-acting methods. Edibles deliver an intense and long-lasting experience, but there’s a significant delay—up to 2 hours or more—between consuming them and actually feeling the effects. So let’s focus on flower and vapes.

And remember: It’s good policy to remember not to overindulge when mixing cannabis and sex. Rather, use a little cannabis to enhance, not overpower the experience. With that said, here’s a curated list of the best strains for sex:

best strains for sex

Strawberry Cough by Heavy Hitters

This 510-style vape cartridge dispenses a cool mist full of this go-to favorite for creative inspiration. Delivering a classic sativa-like energy, it pairs this with a buzzy, almost “shimmery” euphoria that will heighten any erotic experience you can think of.

Wedding Cake by Autumn Brands

Another dynamite choice for dynamite sex, Wedding Cake is an unbelievably sweet and flavorful indica-dominant hybrid. Equally uplifting and relaxing, it should be approached—just like real wedding cake—with care. With a THC level above 20%, it’s easy to get carried away and forget what you were there to do in the first place!

LIIIL Sour Diesel Disposable by Stiiizy

This slim and discreet vape comes packed with Sour D, one of the most popular strains in cannabis history and one known for its unbeatable combination of dreamy and energizing effects.
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