Cannabis for Wellness: Self-Care Activities + Cannabis Product Pairings

Not so long ago, many people viewed cannabis with open suspicion. Fed by decades of anti-drug propaganda, cannabis was a “gateway drug” that only helped people “drop out” of life.

Fortunately, these days we know better. Or rather, we’re remembering what ancient Chinese, Indian, and other civilizations already knew thousands of years ago: That whether it’s addressing sore and tired muscles or deepening focus, or taming anxiety and stress, cannabis self-care is a powerful and effective practice.

We’d love to share some of our favorite practices for cannabis self-care, along with specific strains to help get you started.

cannabis self care

Cannabis Self-Care: To Get High or Not to Get High?

For many people, the question of whether cannabis is a helpful addition to their wellness and self-care regimens comes down to the issue of psychoactivity, or the cannabis plant’s euphoric “high.” As you probably know, the high is the result of THC, the most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis.

For some people, that euphoric high helps them deepen into self-care practices like working out, yoga, hiking, and meditation. What’s more, THC delivers much more than just the high; studies have demonstrated that THC is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and that whether it’s inhaled, taken in a tincture or applied as a topical, it can soothe minor aches and even blunt chronic pain.

That said, some of us find the high distracting or otherwise unwelcome. Fortunately, there are options for those folks too. Before we move on to that topic, though, here are a few high-THC products we trust for cannabis self-care. As with all psychoactive products, we recommend you start with a lower-than-normal dose, especially when using cannabis in your wellness routine. Remember: You can always take more, but you can’t take less!

Sunset Sherbet by Pacific Stone

Available as a 510-style vaporizer cartridge, this powerful indica-leaning hybrid delivers a winning combination of cerebral and bodily effects. Fans love its powerful, stress-fighting uplift paired with long-lasting, full-body relaxation.

Transdermal Patch, THC / Sativa by Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s pretty much sets the benchmark for cannabis topicals, and we’re proud to carry their products. This discreet little square offers up to 12 hours of relief from symptoms like chronic aches and stress. Do be aware that, unlike some topicals, these patches deliver psychoactivity.

cannabis self care

Cannabis Self-care: The Power of CBD

You’ve probably heard of CBD, the “other” cannabinoid (actually, there are at least 113 of them). While some people experience a cerebral buzziness, most people don’t notice any perceptible effects. But as research demonstrates, CBD helps fight several types of pain. What’s more, it helps many people reduce stress and anxiety. Combined with its gentle uplift, this makes CBD many peoples’ go-to when it comes to cannabis self-care.

With that in mind, here are a few products you might add to your wellness routine.

CBD Capsules by Proof

With a robust 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, these little capsules are a great way to take advantage of CBD’s medicinal effects with little to no psychoactivity. Take them an hour or so before a workout or other wellness routine and feel yourself gently deepening into greater focus and awareness.

The Remedy by Mary’s Medicinals

Another excellent Mary’s product, this tincture delivers a gentle calm and relaxation without sedation. Use it to deepen into your wellness practice, or just chase bodily aches and anxiety off into the sunset. It’s a great way to incorporate cannabis self-care into your routine!

You can find these products and more at our Santa Rosa dispensary. Check out our online menu to place your order today.


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