Cooking with Cannabis: Delicious and Daring Recipes

In the age of legalization, more strains are available to consumers than ever to spice up their edible concoctions with the finest quality cannabis possible. Between indicas, sativas, and every hybrid in between, dishes can be customized to a phenomenal degree. Plus, the abundance of edible recipes on the internet means that virtually any food can now be infused. To assist during your next endeavor in cooking with cannabis, we’ve compiled a few great recipes that merit checking out at least once.

Try These Delicious Recipes for Cooking with Cannabis

Cinnamon Pot Popcorn

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While many traditional foods have been imbued with cannabis, infused popcorn is not the first thing that would come to mind. This recipe brings together the flavors of delicious popcorn and cinnamon to create a sensational treat that may become a staple of your cannabis-themed gatherings.

Your cinnamon pot popcorn may be scrumptious, but be careful before digging in for that extra handful. As with any edible, sensible and measured dosing is essential for avoiding an uncomfortable high that lasts too long.

Weed Bacon

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Weed bacon may seem too good to be true, but this recipe is very real. When undertaken with care, cooking with cannabis bacon can spruce up your mornings in ways previously undiscovered, as a euphoric high is delivered along with the taste of savory bacon. Pair with other morning food items to complete your canna-breakfast meal.

Unlike most other recipes, this edible bacon does not even require the use of cannabis oil or cannabutter in the process of its infusion. Ground cannabis is directly applied to the bacon before and during the act of baking, making for one of the easier edible recipes that can easily be handled by even complete beginners to cannabis cookery.

Raspberry-Pear Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Source: Weedist

For edible gourmands, this raspberry-pear grilled cheese sandwich is a natural option. Perfect for serving to groups of cannabis enthusiasts, the blend of flavors contained within this seemingly simple sandwich will instantly impress. With cannabis, each grilled cheese becomes an agent of infused delight.

Likewise, the unique flavor combination of raspberry, pears, and melty cheese helps to mask the sensation of cannabis more readily than perhaps other recipes. While not everyone may be into the experience this grilled cheese offers, for some this just may become a new go-to dish.

Cannabis-Infused Nut Butter 

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A versatile spread that can be applied to a wide variety of other foods for easy infusion, infused nut butter is an excellent progression from typical cannabutter for those learning the art of cooking with cannabis. Slather over bread for a buzzy snack, or use as a novel dip for crackers and cookies alike.

To find the perfect bud for cooking, make sure to check out Santa Rosa dispensary menu.  Or you can take the easy route and shop our pre-made edibles for accurate dosing without all the cooking and measuring. Remember to go slow with edibles so that you don’t get too high!


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