Cooped Up? Try Our Strain Recommendations for DIY Projects!

While it’s safe to say that no one is happy to be in self-quarantine, we want to gently point towards some of the positives about the current situation. Besides just making good sense from a health perspective, staying at home is allowing many of us to pull over, to reassess our daily practices, and to dive into some truly inspiring and surprising DIY projects we might otherwise never make time for. And now more than ever, we think cannabis has a role to play in helping you drop even deeper into these fun and engaging pastimes.

Things to Do While High: The Joy of DIY

DIY projects are one of our favorite things to do while high! From engaging our minds with new creative problems to calling upon our native skills to make things by hand, there’s so much to be learned from the world of DIY.

What does DIY mean to you? It could mean anything from learning to bake—possibly the #1 pandemic pastime of all!—to doing essential home maintenance like cleaning the gutters or even some incredible creative projects that can transform the way you see your home.

But whatever kind of project you decide to take on, remember to plan ahead, gather all your supplies, and only then get yourself in the right mindset to create. And that’s a great segue into some specific strains of premium cannabis to get those creative juices flowing!

Things to Do While High: Strain Recommendations for DIY Fun

We love all kinds of cannabis, of course. But when we’re looking for creative inspiration, we usually lean towards sativa and sativa-dominant hybrids. Why? Unlike indicas, sativas are associated with a special cerebral stimulation, a gentle energetic buzz that helps stimulate creativity. Here are a few of our current favorite offerings.

Lamb’s Bread by Sticky Fingers

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Source: Leafly

One of our all-time favorites for creative uplift and energy, Lamb’s Bread is a bright green and deliciously sticky bud with its origins on the island of Jamaica. If you’re feeling stressed, this peppery-flavored sativa will have that frown turned upside down in the wink of an eye.

Blue Dream by Farmer and the Felon

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Source: Weedmaps

This sweet and fruity hybrid is a classic “daytime strain.” Known for imparting a calming and relaxed euphoria and creative lucidity, Blue Dream will balance these cerebral effects with full-body relaxation. In other words, pair this strain with safe indoor activities rather than ones that involve chainsaws.

Infused Pre Roll by Space Coyote x Utopia

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Source: Weedmaps

The product of an intriguing partnership between two leading producers, this potent pre-roll combines 90% premium sativa flower with 10% live resin for an incredibly flavorful and full-flavored high. Prepare yourself to become a creative whirlwind with this unusual and delicious offering!….

Jack Herer Cartridge by AbsoluteXtracts

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Source: Leafly

We love AbsoluteXtracts products, a line of premium concentrates crafted right here in Northern California without any additives or dilutants. Their take on the classic Jack Herer strain delivers all of its clear-headed uplift and creative inspiration in a standard vape pen cartridge. They’re a great way to help you dive into a deep and engaging DIY project today!

You can order from our Santa Rosa dispensary for curbside pickup using our online menu. Try these products or grab your faves today!


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