Binge-Worthy Strains: Best Shows to Watch While High

With Netflix and streaming services more popular than ever at the moment, Americans are catching up on their television. Considering the massive catalogs of content to sift through while relaxing at home with a soothing joint, finding something worthwhile to watch can be kind of hard. To help you cut through the trash to those hidden gems that deserve to be binged, here are a few choice shows to watch while high, along with some excellent Aloha Aina strain recommendations.

Watch While High: Stranger Things

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Source: Netflix

The signature adventure thriller produced by Netflix, Stranger Things has captured the imaginations of an entire nation. Set in the 1980s, this instant classic provides a distinct nostalgiac experience with numerous throwbacks to blockbusters of bygone eras like E.T. and The Goonies.

Strain recommendation: Forbidden Jelly is a premium offering from Korova brand cannabis, a potent indica cross between Jelly Breath and Forbidden Fruit. When smoked, Forbidden Jelly is said to offer mesmerizing mental effects, pairing you with the perfect companion for Stranger Things to watch while high.

Love Is Blind

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Source: IHeartRadio

One of Netflix’s new reality game shows, Love Is Blind is an experimental look at the world of dating. Each contestant is matched with a potential romantic partner and tasked with getting to know them. The twist is that the two individuals never actually see each other throughout the series. Love Is Blind’s unique premise has made it a hit on social media and watching one episode is enough to understand why.

Strain recommendation: White Fire OG, nicknamed “WiFi” by the wider cannabis community, is one of the most popular modern hybrids found at dispensaries. Its fresh, earthy flavor makes it a smooth and tranquil smoke, and the gripping body high imparted by the strain can fill any evening with ample euphoria.

Tiger King

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Source: Netflix

Tiger King has become a viral smash, following the tale of big cat and exotic animal owners across America. With Tiger King, Netflix has provided ideal entertainment to watch while high, as the stories and personalities contained within each of its seven episodes are truly memorable and wild.

Strain recommendation: Sundae Driver is an equally energetic strain capable of keeping pace with the maniacal content displayed throughout your encounter with Tiger King. The strain also possesses an unmistakable scent and flavor that make it immediately recognizable wherever it is found.


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Source: Netflix

A sleeper hit, Ozark has impressed audiences with a dramatic depiction of the world of Appalachian crime. Celebrated for breathtaking performances by its lead actors and actresses, Ozark is becoming better known to the American public as the endless stream of positive reviews for its most recent seasons continue to circulate.

Strain recommendation: Sour Diesel is a classic sativa strain that will make Ozark a pleasure to watch while high. Its scintillating high is noted for the mental clarity and creativity it invokes, promoting deep thoughts on the show’s complex plotting.

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