With pumpkin spiced lattes adorning the walls of our favorite cafes, it’s no question that the holiday season is upon us. This magical time of year is filled with all kinds of alluring aromas, from simmering mulled wine to fresh cut pine. Those familiar smells filling our homes are the work of terpenes.

Mary Jane has tools to keep you merry through the new year, reach into her terpene toolkit for Limonene!

What is Limonene? Limonene is a sour terpene that gives off a citrusy aroma. It is known to lift your spirits and lower anxiety… just what you need for the holidays!

Although spirits may be high this season, with all the holiday work parties and family functions on the horizon, these coming weeks can often be stressful for many people. Choosing cannabis with the appropriate aromas can help ease the added strain of holiday stress.

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